Why Do Your Neighbors Have a Lower Interest Rate Than You on Their Connecticut Mortgage

Why Do Your Neighbors Have a Lower Interest Rate Than You on Their Connecticut MortgageHave you ever been standing around the water cooler at work and overheard someone mention that they have an four percent interest rate and you thought that there was no way that was possible? What about the time you were at lunch with your friends and someone just happened to mention that they have a five percent interest rate on a thirty year fixed mortgage. Did that leave you wondering what the heck Continue reading

Commercial Mortgage Lenders – Business Facilitators

Commercial Mortgage Lenders - Business FacilitatorsOver the years, there have been many different ways that human society has organized itself. Most modern societies are organized on the basis of private property. True, you can find communities on the periphery of our society which are not organized on private property, but they are few and far between. Many of the advances of modern man can be attributed to his ability to organize capital for the purpose of undertaking Continue reading

HUD Reverse Mortgage For Beginners

HUD Reverse Mortgage For BeginnersAnyone over the age of 62 with equity built up in their home may be able to supplement their income and establish an emergency fund with the help of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The HUD reverse mortgage is a way to take out the equity in your property to help you with your monthly bills and set aside a fund to assist in case of an emergency. The concept of a reverse mortgage may be new to some Continue reading

How to Avoid Loan Modification Frauds

How to Avoid Loan Modification FraudsThis 2010, millions are at risk of facing foreclosure on their homes, which is why loan modifications are in huge demand. However, at a time when most are in desperate need of help, scams abound to rip people off their remaining money and even their homes.

Loan modification scams are not often easy to identify. Here are some valuable hints to indicate whether you are being Continue reading

Refinancing Your Home With a Low Credit Score

Refinancing Your Home With a Low Credit ScoreBefore you seek out a lender to refinance your home, find out what your FICO score is. Ideally, it should be above 600, but you are still able to find some decent deals with a FICO score in the 500s. If your score is even lower, there may be some lenders that will deal with you, but your interest rates won’t be optimum. No, if your credit is that low, it may be best to try to raise it a bit before Continue reading

Formula for a Perfect Mortgage – Choosing the Ones That You Can Chew

Formula for a Perfect Mortgage - Choosing the Ones That You Can ChewIf you want to move forward and lock in the best deal, it is essential that you adopt the right formula for finding the “perfect” mortgage. Here are the things that you must follow:

1. Anticipate future scenarios

You must go for the mortgage that matches your finances and lifestyle. For instance, if you are about 25-30 years old, recently married and seriously Continue reading

Obama’s Loan Modification Program – How You Can Receive 5000 USD

Obama's Loan Modification Program - How You Can Receive 5000 USDObama’s Loan Modification program is giving hope to millions of homeowners who cannot afford their mortgage payments. This article describes how you can receive up to $5000 to help pay your mortgage.

How does it work?

The Pay For Success fund which is a portion of Obama’s loan modification program will reward homeowners who get a loan modification and can keep Continue reading