Adverse Credit Mortgage – Know Your Stuff, Part 1

Adverse Credit Mortgage - Know Your Stuff, Part 1With what’s been in the news over the last few months it’s no wonder that you, the borrower may be a little confused or concerned, we are all aware of the impact the down turn in the American market has had on the economy worldwide (just switch on any news channel!) and that this has affected the UK market. We have all heard and read about Northern Rock which has seen a lot of mortgage Continue reading

10 Tips To Finding The Right Mortgage Loan Broker

10 Tips To Finding The Right Mortgage Loan BrokerMore than half of all borrowers use a broker to arrange their mortgage. But how do you go about finding one? Should you be paying any fees for their services and how do they work?

#1 There are literally thousands of mortgage brokers in the UK – well over 10,000! These mortgage brokers will range from large companies with nationwide coverage through to the small one-man bands covering their local Continue reading

The Defining of a Reverse Mortgage

The Defining of a Reverse MortgageIf you have reached the age of 62 years old and find that your retirement and social security simply do not meet your financial needs as you had planned early on in your working history. You may not have saved enough money to meet the high cost of living that we are all facing today. You might want to look into the possibility of obtaining a reverse mortgage loan on your home or property that is probably Continue reading

Save Money – Refinance Your Home Loan

Save Money - Refinance Your Home LoanWith interest rates currently low, now is a great time to save money on your mortgage. By refinancing your home, you will save money. Best of all, it’s easy to do. There are many websites and companies that offer great services to find what the best deal is best for you.

Typically people refinance their homes to reduce their monthly payment and in turn lower the overall Continue reading

Mortgage Loans For People With Poor Credit

Mortgage Loans For People With Poor CreditThere are a plethora of mortgage loan options for people with poor credit. You can choose from zero down to interest only loans. You can also be backed by the government for reduced rates. You can even find traditional loans with relatively rates. Picking the right mortgage loan is really about finding what is right for you.

Picking Your Terms

With so many different types of terms, it can be confusing Continue reading

How to Know if You Should Refinance Your Existing Home Mortgage Loan

How to Know if You Should Refinance Your Existing Home Mortgage LoanIf you are considering refinancing your home, you likely have many questions. If you are confused, you’re not alone. It can be very confusing. We hope that this report will help answer your questions. Our goal is to educate and inform you so you can make the best decision possible when choosing a mortgage loan.

Many refinancing options are available

First, you need Continue reading

Homeowner Loans: What’s the Advantages

Homeowner Loans: What's the AdvantagesAre you a home owner looking to take out a homeowner loan? Would you like to raise some money for an extension to your home, home improvements or to consolidate your credit to reduce down your outgoings, then the answer may be a homeowner loan. If you don’t wish to sell your home but wish to improve it instead then a homeowner loan can allow you to do this. You can borrow Continue reading